As I am sure you are aware, pursuant to the recent announcement from the Trump Administration, a new round of tariffs will be implemented on a broad range of products manufactured in China beginning September 24th 2018. Unfortunately a number of key Cambridge product lines are affected by these tariffs, including black iron fittings, nipples, valves, gas connectors, and hose clamps. The initial tariff rate is 10% and it will increase to 25% in 2019. To help offset the cost of these tariffs we will be implementing a cost adjustment on October 15th and an additional adjustment on January 1st 2019. The initial adjustment will affect the above mentioned categories and will be approximately 8%. Certain SKU’s that have had larger tariff effects will have an additional adjustment. We will continue to accept orders at the current pricing levels until October 15th. However we reserve the right to reject orders that exceed a 30 day supply. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. We will continue to do our utmost to keep you as competitive as possible in your respective markets.

Best Regards,
Steve Keilson
CAMBRIDGE Premium Industrial Products